Simon Cheng

Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology

University of Connecticut

§        American Sociological Association

§        JSTORE

Data Center

§        Bureau of Labor Statistics

§        U.S. Census Bureau

§        A list of sites with statistical data maintained by BLS

§        FedStats (information on 70 sources of government data)

§        ICPSR

§        GSS Data

Statistical Packages

§        Stata is a very useful statistical package. Their home page has a lot of useful information on statistics.

§        AMOS is a nice SEM program, except that it does not handle binary and ordinal indictors.

§        Limdep is the most powerful program for limited dependent variables. It has a nice, new Windows front end.

§        Mplus is a very powerful SEM program from Muthén & Muthén.

§        Gauss is a wonderful matrix language; too bad that it has a horrible Windows interface.

§        Links to software, lists, and other statistical resources -- maintained by Stata Corporation.

§        Statalist is a great list with lots of useful information on Stata and statistical practice.  Stata Corporation monitor the list closely and provides great advice. There are two archives for the Statalist: Harvard and FindMail.

Other Softwares

§        Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF files across all major computing platforms.

§        Endnote manages your references.

§        FinePrint prints two pages or four pages of output on a single page using any Windows compatible printer.

§        Filesync makes it easy to synchronize the files from two disk. Makes backing up your work much easier.

§        IrfranView is a freeware file viewer; includes screen capture and format conversion.

§        DBMSCopy makes it easy to convert data sets among dozens of different file formats.

§        Paint Shop Pro is a good shareware program for graphics.

§        ThumbsPlus is a shareware data base for graphics files, whether statistical graphs or scanned photos.

§        Scientific Word is a text editor for mathematics that creates LaTeX files.

§        TextPad is a first rate, $27 text editor.

§        Windows Commander is a great shareware file manager for doing data analysis. Includes a nice ftp client.

§        PC Connection is a very reliable source for mail ordering computing software and hardware.

Other Useful Links

§        CNN News

§        Amazon on-Line Bookstore

§        NBA

§        Google Search

§        Yahoo!

Last modified on April 18, 2006