Physical Chemistry 351
the University of Connecticut

Quantum Chemistry (including Statistical Mechanics)

This site contains readings in Advanced Physical Chemistry and Theoretical Chemistry, specifically, Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics, with an emphasis on chemical applications.

When this site was created, it was created as a Computer Guided Reading site in which the student had to answer questions from the text as the text proceeded. This was an experiment, designed to check whether interactive reading would enhance understanding of material presented. However, as time passed, these (CGR) readings were abandoned, and the material converted to standard texts, not because the method fails, but because is succeeds too well, making reading these texts onerous.

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I would like to thank my wife who has suffered my desire to remain involved with this material post returement.
These materials are proof certain that "time on task" is not a necessary nor a sufficient condition for learning.

These are a dsp2 orbital (hybrid) shown in CountourPlot3D format and Countour form.

This is a water phase diagram from elementary physical chemistry

There is an error in this figure, discovered June 2018. see: Infra-Red Microwave Spectra, Overtones, Degeneracy and Thermal Populations all in one diagram

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This is a link to undergraduate pchem problems

Here is an UpToDate List of Physical Constants From England

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