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The Urban Semester Program

Students interested in pursuing an internship program should consider UConn's Urban Semester Program. The program which has been around for over thirty years has been structured to provide a true urban experience where students both live and work in Hartford for a full semester.

Based on a student's interests, they will be placed at an internship site for 3 days per week for 9 credit hours of intensive hands on experience. Students also enroll in two 3-credit seminar courses which are held at the Greater Hartford campus. The seminar courses further enhance students understanding of the various issues and social problems facing urban areas through course lecture, guest speakers, field trips and class discussions. Lastly, students are housed in Hartford with other students in the program, enabling them to further immerse themselves in the urban experience, providing them with a unique and rewarding academic experience.

For further information on the Urban Semester Program, please visit the Urban Semester website or contact Louise Simmons, Director of the Urban Semester program at UConn's School of Social Work (860)570-9181 or via e-mail at

(Note to UCS Majors: 6 of the 15 credits count toward the UCS major. The remaining credits may be used to meet other graduating requirements. See your advisor or the Urban Semester Director for additional information.)

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