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Internship Guidelines & Procedures

Urban Community Studies Tri-Campus

WHY: Internships are an excellent means for Urban and Community Studies majors to explore the urban community around them, to learn about the inner workings of non-profit agencies, and to explore possible careers while performing meaningful community service.

When: UCS majors are strongly encouraged to do internships during their senior year, when they have completed a significant amount of coursework within the major. This enables students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to their fieldwork, as well as to apply research and writing skills developed within the courses to the internship paper assignments.

What: Internships are listed in the UConn catalog and our website as URBN 3991 and 3981. Students sign up for both classes for a total of 6 credits. URBN 3991 is the actual internship, consisting of 120 hours of fieldwork for the agency (8-10 hours per week) and a field journal. URBN 3991 is graded on a Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory basis and counts as a general (not UCS) elective. URBN 3981 is the formal research, writing, and reflection done for the internship and is given a letter grade. It counts as an elective within the major.

How: Students should meet with the UCS Program Specialist and/or advisor who will help assess their areas of interest. They may also pick from a roster of internship opportunities provided by the UCS program, or find their own. Students are encouraged to pick internships that reflect their academic interests, expand their skills, and help them to get a sense of a potential career path.

Internship Timeline – Pre–internship [The semester previous to the internship] Internship: First Month Internship: Second Month Internship: Third Month

Remember: Students are expected to fulfill the internship in a professional and responsible manner. In each agency, the student is an ambassador of the University of Connecticut and the Urban and Community Studies program. Future internship and employment opportunities at the agency may well depend upon the student′s professional conduct. We request that students be responsible about reporting to the agency and completing assignments as they would with any job. Each student must complete the 120 hours satisfactorily in order to receive credit for the internship.

The Tri-Campus Internship Contract Form: Internship Contract [pdf] [doc]