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Quick Copy - Preparation

Job Submittion Fonts & Images File Naming Mailing Lists

Job Submittal

For your convenience we can receive your jobs in a variety of ways. We can print from hard copies or electronic files. Hard copies ensure that formatting will be identical to the original, but if there are images or screens the quality may be reduced. Electronic files offer the best print quality. We can also accept files by email or on disk. Some electronic files may adjust formatting from computer to computer. To reduce the possibility of a change in formatting, Acrobat PDF files are preferred. If you do not have the capability of creating PDF files there are several other file formats we accept.

We can access the following PC file types:
Adobe Acrobat 8.0
Adobe Photoshop 7.0*
Adobe Photoshop CS2 & CS3
Adobe Illustrator CS2 & CS3**
Adobe InDesign CS2 & CS3
Quark Express 6.0
Microsoft Office 2003 Files***
Microsoft Publisher 2003

We can access the following Mac OS file types:
Adobe Acrobat 7.0
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Illustrator CS2**
Adobe InDesign CS2
Quark Express 6.1
Microsoft Office 2004 Files***

*Photoshop opens most image formats (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc).
**Illustrator files open most vector based formats (.ai, .eps, some .pdf)
***Newer versions of MS Office, Adobe files are normally backwards compatible.


Fonts & Images

To ensure the correct representation of your electronic files, all fonts should be either embedded in the file or submitted with the job. Source pictures should also be included. For pictures to be printed at high quality it is important that they are large enough. Screen resolutions are typically 72 or 96 dpi. We have the capability to print up to 600 dpi. If an image does not have a high enough resolution it may appear pixilated when printed. This is especially important when the job is in full color or the picture is being blown up.


File Naming

We recommend that you name your files according to the project subject, type of job,along with the appropriate semester. For example, Biology_Brochure_Fall08.pdf, Symposium_Postcard SP09.doc.

This will help you organize your files as well as aid us in the printing process.


Mailing Lists

To If your job calls for us to print addresses onto envelopes or labels from a custom list, then we need a database of your addresses for our labeling software. We can accept either CSV (comma separated values) or Microsoft Excel files. For labels there is a maximum of 5 lines with 32 characters per line.

For options to make Microsoft Word files more portable click HERE.

To view our Tab Guide visit our Tab Guide page.