Online Learning Master Skills (15%)

An additional goal for this course is that, once it is over, you be able to take advantage of other synchronous and asynchronous online learning opportunities, collaborate with remote colleagues, and learn more and more about technology on your own. To ensure that you have some of the basic skills needed to take advantage of such opportunities, you are asked to create an electronic portfolio of evidence that you can do each of the following. This portfolio can be in PowerPoint, html, or another multimedia format of your choice as long as it can be uploaded and shared through your Taskstream or other e-portoflio. There are several sources available to assist you in aquiring skills that you cannot readily demonstrate, including instructional manuals, fellow students who know how to do it, family members and friends, computer geeks around the neighborhood, and of course, the instructor. Please take advantage of all these sources.

With these skills you should be able to Stay In Touch!