Dates: June 8-9, 2007

Location: The Wilbert Snow School and town of Middletown offered unique facilities and outstanding town support. The habitat range in the Middletown area will offer exceptional survey opportunities including trap rock, the Connecticut River, floodplain forests, and two pristine reservoirs.

Total Number of Species: 2231
Mammals 25
Reptiles/Amphibians 27
Birds 93
Fish 20
Vascular plants 468
Bryophytes/Lichens 95
Parasites 48
Beetles 237
Diptera 110
Hymenoptera 95
Butterflies 25
Moths 408
Dragonflies/Damselflies 36
Lesser insect orders 113
Acari (mites/ticks) 34
Spiders & kin 83
Fungi 104
Plant pathogens 46

*SMMMNIAI = Single and Multicelled Microscopic Non-insect Aquatic Invertebrates
Dr. Ken Noll’s (UConn Department of Molecular & Cell Biology) and 454 Life Sciences genomic results:

Bacteria/archaea 40,877

Total Number of Scientist: 170

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