Research Opportunities in the Symbiosis Field

The graduate program of microbiology at the University of Connecticut has four research teams working on beneficial symbioses involving plants and animals. The approaches range from molecular genetics to microscopy and of course genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics. For more information, visit the website from Drs. Benson, Gage, Graf, and Nyholm.

Aeromonas - Medicinal Leech Symbiosis:

Graf Lab at the University of Connecticut: We are currently searching for two postdoctoral fellows (search #2011343) and one technician (search #2011357). For more information, visit the UConn Jobs Site or contact Joerg Graf. The main focus of my lab is the digestive-tract symbiosis of A. veronii and a Rikenella-like bacterium with Hirudo verbana. The unusual simplicity of this association allows us to discover how bacteria colonize the digestive tract and communicate with the host animal. Our current projects include monitoring the microbial physiology over time using a combination of metatranscriptonomics and physiological measurements. We also use molecular techniques to identify genes that are essential for the bacteria to colonize the medicinal leech. For more information, contact: Joerg Graf.

More Information:

For more information concerning research and job openings in the symbiosis field, visit the International Symbiosis Society's website: