Leech Farms

Because of the heavy collecting done in the 19th century and the loss of habitat due to draining wetlands, the medicinal leech has become an endangered species in Central Europe. There are several commercial "leech" farms that breed the animals under controlled conditions. It is also possible to purchase leeches that have been captured in Turkey or Eastern Europe at some of these suppliers. If you are planning to purchase H. medicinalis from abroad, you should contact your local customs and government officials to find out the details. CITES permits are required from the exporter.

In addition to the sources listed below, you may be surprised to find leeches at your local pharmacy.

Austria: Medizinischer Blutegelversand: Minorgasse 63, 1140 Vienna, Austria.

Tel: (43) 14 19 99 41. E-mail: info@blutegel.org

France: Ricarimpex: 245 Avenue de St. Medaro, 33320 Eysines, France.

Tel. (33)5 56 57 84 12 and Fax (33) 5 56 57 84 14
Germany: Biebertaler Blutegelzucht GmbH: Gießener Straße 52, 35444 Biebertal, Germany

Tel. (49) 6409 2376 Fax. (49) 6409 9944
United Kingdom: Biopharm, Ltd: Tel. (44) 1792-885595 Fax (44) 1792-88244

USA: Leeches USA, Ltd: Tel. (01) 1-800-488-4400, Extension 2475