Links to Frankia and Actinorhizal Plant Research

The following is a list of scientists, and their Home Pages, who have research projects dealing with Frankia, acinorhizal plants, or both. To be included on the list please send your name, a web link to associate with your name, and a short description of what area of actinorhizal plant/Frankia research is of most interest (see below for examples). Send the information to David Benson. I will update the information as soon as possible.


International Frankia/actinorhizal Plant WebSite Older version with link to an "actinorhiza mailing list"
Chung Sun An, Seoul National Univ., Korea Molecular genetics of Frankia
David Benson, Univ. Connecticut, Storrs Genomics & ecology of Frankia, molecular biology and biochemistry
Alison Berry, Univ. California, Davis Biology & ecology of Frankia and actinorhizal plants
Didier Bogusz, IRD, Montpellier Molecular biology of actinorhizal nodule development in Casuarinaceae
Jeffrey Dawson, Univ. Illinois, Urbana Actinorhizal plant ecophysiology
Dittmar Hahn, Texas State Univ., San Marcos Frankia ecology and taxonomy
Olivia Harriott, Fairfield Univ., CT Frankia genetics, biology and genomics
Ann Hirsch, Univ. California, Los Angeles Molecular interactions between plant host and symbionts
Kerstin Huss-Danell, Swedish Univ. Agricultural Sciences Physiology of actinorhizal plants, ecology of Frankia in soi
Heidi A. Kratsch, Utah State University Environmental horticultural applications of actinorhizal plants
John H. Markham, Univ. Manitoba, Canada Ecology & Evolution of actinorhizal plants
Beth Mullin, Univ. Tennessee, Knoxville Genomics and genetics of Frankia and actinorhizal plants
David Myrold, Oregon State Univ. Ecology of Frankia in soil
Philippe Normand, Univ. Lyon, France Genomics of Frankia, molecular biology, phylogeny and diversity
Katharina Pawlowski, Stockholm Univ., Sweden Molecular Biology of Actinorhizal Plants
Dan Potter, University of California, Davis Evolution of Actinorhizal plants,ecology of Rosaceae and symbionts
Hridip Kumar Sarma, Aaranyak, India Physiology & ecology of actinorhizal plants/India
John Tjepkema, Univ. Maine, Orono Whole-plant physiology; physiology and ecology of nitrogen fixation
Christa Schwintzer, Univ. Maine, Orono Physiology & ecology of actinorhizal plants
Anita Sellstedt, Universitet UmeŚ, Sweden Physiology and diversity of Frankia hydrogenases
Richard (Rik) D. Smith, Univ. Wyoming Actinorhizal plants in rangeland ecosystems
Susan Swensen, Ithaca College, NY Plant systematics and phylogeny
Louis Tisa, Univ. New Hampshire Frankia genomics, genetics, physiology
Brian Vanden Heuvel, Colorado State Univ., Pueblo Molecular ecology of Frankia & actinorhizal plant phylogeny
Stephen F. Zitzer, Desert Res. Inst., NV Global change biology, desert actinorhizals