Research presented here from graduate students and established scholars is meant to showcase the innovative work-in-progress studied and presented in the intersecting fields of Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino History at the University of Connecticut.




Download unpublished papers by scholars that examine a wide variety of topics in the areas of Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino History. Please use this service as you would reprints requested and received through the mail from an individual author. It is designed for the purposes of education, research, and scholarly communication, and not for commercial use. Individuals may make only one copy of each Research Paper. Any other use of this site is not authorized by the author and may violate copyright. 

Inquire with Professor Melina Pappademos if you have a paper you would like to be considered for the Series:

 1  Dr. Ruth Glasser, Urban and Community Studies,

     University of Connecticut (Waterbury Campus)

     Waterbury, Connectictut: An Evolving Multi-Latino City

 2  Caitlin Sochacki , Honors BA Thesis, Univ. of Connecticut

  Phoenix Rising: WW II and its Affects on Mexican Americans


Papers from the "Voces Latinas / Latina/o Voices: Graduate Student Oral History Conference," December 8, 2005.

3  Brittney Yancy, Department of History,

     University of Connecticut

In Her Own Words: Menen Osorio-Fuentes and "(Afro)-Puerto Ricanness"

Yancy - Oral History Transcript


4  Michael Neagle, Department of History,

     University of Connecticut

Becoming a Peruvian-American (Latino) New Englander: Factors in Shaping Immigrant Identity

Neagle - Oral History Transcript





Christopher Curry - "'In whose possession they are now': Black Loyalists and their Quest for Freedom in The Bahamas."

Damian Nemirovsky - “In the Name of Progress: Comparing the Human Rights Records of Mexico and Argentina”

José Rodriguez  - "The History of Whiteness in Argentina"

Teresa Vergara - “Ladino Indians and the Construction of Indian Identity in the Archbishopric of Lima (1610-1740)”

Michael Rindge - "Cold War Workers: The Chilean Labor Movement and the AFL-CIO, 1964-1973"

Michael Neagle - "'Kindly Consideration and Honourable Obligation': The Latin American policies of Elihu Root, 1905-1909"



RECENT MA and PhDs (Current Institutions)

Jennifer Heckard - "Crossroads of Empire: The1817 Liberation and Occupation of Amelia Island, East Florida"

Jessica Xiomara Garcia - "Madres y Padres a Larga Distancia: Salvadoran Transnational Parenthood"

Charles McGraw (Asst. Prof. in Residence, U. Connecticut)- “’Every Nurse is Not a Sister’: Work and the Invention of the Spanish-American War Nurse”

Michael Donoghue (Marquette University) - “Imperial Sunset: Race, Identity, and Gender in the Panama Canal Zone, 1939-1979”

Jose Sola (Cleveland State) – “‘The Funnel System in Which His is the Little End’: The Technological Transformation of the Sugar Industry and American Protectionis in the Emergence of the Colonos in Caguas, Puerto Rico, 1898-1928”

Rosa Carrasquillo (College of the Holy Cross) - “Ethnocide in the Name of Progress: The Political Cultures of Caguas, Puerto Rico, 1880-1898”

Gabriel Villalonga (University of Puerto Rico) - “Building Consent: The Popular Democratic Party and Colonial Politics in Puerto Rico, 1932-1948”