Table of Contents for Plagiarism Module
1. Introduction
2. What will I learn?
3. What is plagiarism?
  3.1. Is this plagiarism?
  3.2. But what if...?
  3.3. Activity 1
4. Why shoudn't I?
  4.1. A victim's story
  4.2. Consequences
  4.3. Activity 2
5. How do I cite this?
  5.1. Paraphrasing
  5.2. Quoting
  5.3. Activity 3
6. Resources
7. Credits


According to a 2002 survey1 issued by the University of Connecticut Department of English’s Freshmen Writing Program:

Nearly 30% of responding students admitted to having knowingly plagiarized at least once.


Nearly 43% of responding students admitted to unknowingly plagiarizing at least once.

This program was developed to help UConn students understand what plagiarism is, why academic honesty is important, and how to avoid plagiarizing accidentally.
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1As cited in a report from the Scholastic Standards Committee’s Ad hoc Committee on Plagiarism at the University of Connecticut titled Deterring Plagiarism at UConn, page 4.

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The module was created by Laura Yahn, Instructional Design and Development, in consultation with the University of Connecticut Committee on Plagiarism.

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