w People


Current lab members
Dan Gage - Lab head


Michael Stephens

PhD-works on epibiont biology in termites

Charles Bridges

PhD-Works on cell-cell communication in termite symbioses, and biosensor development


Gabriell Corso

PhD-Works on protist/bacteria interactions

Jamie Micciulla

PhD- works on culturing protists and bacteria from termites

Courtney Wallace

Undergraduate-Works termite symbioses and Sinorhizobium signaling

KJ Justin

Undergraduate-Works termite symbioses and Sinorhizobium signaling

Shane Hussey

Undergraduate-Works on protist/bacteria interactions

Past lab members

Reed Goodwin
Postdoc-Worked on PTS biochemistry, microfluidics and opticogenetic tools for bacteria.
Currently in Sharon Long’s lab at Stanford University

Janessa Bell
Undergraduate-Works termite symbioses and Sinorhizobium signaling

Kelly O'Sullivan
Undergraduate-Works on protist/bacteria interactions

Emma White
MS- worked on Sinorhizobium signaling, now at Woods Hole MBL

Nicholas Tan
Undergrad- worked on culturing protists

Adam Bartholomeo
Undergrad- worked on culturing protists and bacteria from termites

Maitreyee Jain
PhD-Worked on predation by protists and cell-cell communication in termite symbiosee

Nitin Narayanan
MS-Worked on cell biology of PHB synthesis

Ann Charles
Undergrad-Worked on Rhodopseudomonas PTS genetics

Sheena Sangan
Undergrad-worked on Rhodopseudomonas PTS genetics

Catalina Arango
Post doc-Now faculty at Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia

Preston Garcia
PhD-Now faculty at Castleton College, VT

Hannah Monahan
PhD-Worked on infection. Now at Yale.

Patrick Herron
PhD-Went to postdoc at Roland institute

Abishek Garg
MS-Worked on PTS and PHB

Evan Caples
Undergrad-Worked on PTS genetics

Rishita Dave
Undergrad-Worked on adhesion

Neil Chaudhary
Undergrad-Worked on infection

Ron Ramsubhag
Undergrad-Went to MS chemistry program

Zane Haider
Undergrad-Went todental school at UPenn

Michelle Rosado
PhD-Went to postdoc at Brandeis University

Devanshi Pandya

Ryan Bringhurst
PhD-Now research scientist at OmniLytics, Salt Lake City

George Topalidis

Angela Sanchis
Undergrad-Now in biotechnology business

Saskia Cooper
Undergrad-Went to medical school

Tina Stevens
Undergrad-Went to do PhD at U. North Carolina

Colin Kong
MS-Now in DDS/PhD program

Mike Goldkind
Undergrad-Went to dental school

Jessica Muniz

Awais Malik
Undergrad-Went to medical school

Ben Holmes