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Data Administration provides for data security, DASD administration, and database support.

Data Warehouse The Data Warehouse is a repository of University data from campus transaction systems. Some examples of transactional systems are Student Administration System and the FRS system. Data is extracted from the campus transactional systems, put into the Data Warehouse, and is then retrieved and analyzed at the customer's desktop.

FOCUS services are provided for departmental users seeking access to centrally maintained administrative information or assistance in building and maintaining their own departmental data base applications. Approximately 500 files are maintained using the FOCUS data management system. For a list of some of these files and their data elements, click here.

Simultaneous User Machines (Sync Machines) allow multiple users to have Read/Write access to the same files, allowing for concurrent updating. For a list of the systems available, click here.

Scheduling and Production Support Group Major support tasks include scheduling and monitoring Production Batch jobs, resolving Production problems, administration of Control-M Scheduling and Control-D Online Report software, Data Entry functions, Optical Scanning and Copy Center.

Data Management Documentation (User ID and password required) covers ACF2, BMC, Peoplesoft, Sourcebank, VOLSER information and numerous other important topics.

Updated: 08.24.2006