Undergraduate Catalog 2005 - 2006

General Education Requirements


Diversity and Multiculturalism
In this interconnected global community, individuals of any profession need to be able to understand, appreciate, and function in cultures other than their own. Diversity and multiculturalism in the university curriculum contribute to this essential aspect of education by bringing to the fore the historical truths about different cultural perspectives, especially those of groups that traditionally have been under-represented. These groups might be characterized by such features as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identities, political systems, or religious traditions, or by persons with disabilities. By studying the ideas, history, values, and creative expressions of diverse groups, students gain appreciation for differences as well as commonalities among people.

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AASI 201 Introduction to Asian American Studies
AASI /HIST 268 Japanese Americans and World War II
AASI/SOCI 221  Sociological Perspectives on Asian American Women
ANTH 215 Migration
COMM 233/PRLS 264/WS 260 Latinas and Media
CDIS 150 Introduction to Communication Disorders
DRAM 230 Women in Theatre 
DRAM 231 African- American Theatre
DRAM 231W African- American Theatre
ENGL 261/PRLS 232 Latino/a Literature
ENGL 269 Introduction to LGBT Literature
ENGL 277W Black American Writers
ENGL 278 Ethnic Literatures of the United States
ENGL 278W Ethnic Literatures of the United States
FINA 183 Afrocentric Perspectives in the Arts
HEB/JUDS 103 Literature and Civilization of the Jewish People
HIST 121 Women in History
HIST 207W Science and Social Issues In the Modern World
HIST 237 American Indian History
HIST 278/PRLS 220 History of Latinos/as in the United States
HDFS 201 Diversity Issues in Human Development and Family  Studies
HDFS 259 Men and Masculinity: A Social Psychological Perspective
ILCS 158 Italian American Experience in Literature and Film
ILCS 258 Cinematic Representations of Italian Americans
ILCS 258W Cinematic Representations of Italian Americans
INTD 211 Seminar in Urban Problems 
LING 103 The Diversity of Languages
NUSC 166 Food, Culture and Society 
PHIL 107 Philosophy and Gender
POLS 248 African-American Politics
POLS 249/PRLS 270 Latino Political Behavior
PSYC 270 Black Psychology
PSYC 270W Black Psychology
PSYC 275 Introduction to Multicultural Psychology
PSYC 276 Social Psychology of Multiculturalism
PRLS 210 Contemporary Issues in Latino Studies
SOCI 125 Race, Class and Gender
SOCI 125W Race, Class and Gender
SOCI 236 White Racism
SOCI 245 Sociology of Sexualities
SOCI 245W Sociology of Sexualities
WS 104 Feminisms and the Arts 
WS 105 Gender in Everyday Life

Content Area 4 - International
ANTH 100 Other People's Worlds
ANTH 100W Other People's Worlds
ANTH 228 Australian Aborigines
ANTH 230 Peoples of the Pacific Islands
ANTH 269 World Religions
CLCS 102 Classics of World Literature II
EEB/NRME 207 African Field Ecology and Renewable Resources Management
ECON 204 Economic History of the Middle East 
ECON 204W Economic History of the Middle East 
ENGL 218 Literature and Culture of the Third World
ENGL 227 World Literature in English 
ENGL 227W World Literature in English 
FREN 171 French Cinema
FREN 184 Literatures and Cultures of the Postcolonial Francophone World
FREN 196 Magicians, Witches, Wizards: Parallel Beliefs and Popular Culture in France
FREN 211 Contemporary France
FREN 218 Francophone Studies
FREN 224 Issues in Cultural Studies, the Media, and the Social Sciences
GEOG 160 World Regional Geography
GERM 169 Contemporary Germany in Europe
GERM 171 The German Film
GERM 251 German Culture and Civilization
GERM 258 Germans in Africa, Blacks in German-Speaking Countries. Colonial and Postcolonial Perspective
GERM 281W German Film and Culture
HIST 106 The Roots of Traditional Asia
HIST 205 The Modern Middle East from 1700 to the Present
ILCS 149 Cinema and Society in Contemporary Italy
ILCS 160 Culture of Fascist Italy
ILCS 260W Italian Cinema
LING 102 Language and Environment
LING 244W Language and Culture
MUSI 190 Non-Western Music
MUSI 292W Introduction to Music in World Culture
PHIL 106 Non-Western and Comparative Philosophy
PLSC 125 Insects, Food and Culture
POLS 121 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 121W Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 125 Introduction to Human Rights
POLS 132 Introduction to International Relations
POLS 132W Introduction to International Relations
POLS 143 Introduction to Non-Western Politics 
SPAN 187 Major Spanish Works in Translation
SPAN 188 Christians, Muslims and Jews in Medieval Spain
SPAN 250 Film in Spain and Latin America
WS 124 Gender in a Global Perspective