Željko Bošković

Professor of Linguistics
University of Connecticut
Department of Linguistics

Office: Arjona 316
Office Phone: 860-486-0156
Email Address: zeljko.boskovic@uconn.edu


Research Interests Syntactic Theory, Comparative Syntax, Slavic Linguistics, Balkan Linguistics, Romance Linguistics
Academic Appointments 1995-Present: University of Connecticut
Representative Publicatios

Bošković, Ž. (2008) What will you have, DP or NP? In Proceedings of NELS 37.

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Bošković, Ž. (1994) D-structure, theta-criterion, and movement into theta-positions. Linguistic Analysis 24, 247-286.

Visiting Positions

1998 University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.

1998 XVII Summer Courses of the University of the Basque Country in San Sebastian, Spain/X European Courses.

1998 5th Central European Summer School in Generative Grammar, Debrecen, Hungary.

2001 Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Paris, France.

2002 Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil.

2002 University of the Basque Country at Vitoria, Spain.

2002 University of Leipzig, Germany.

2003 Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute, Michigan State University